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 Post subject: Rules and Regulations
PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 11:58 pm 

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Fraggin' For Fun!
A 5 v 5 tournament, with nominated captains picking teams to compete 2 nights a week. Good Luck and Have FUN!

1. Dates
Signup Start Date: Now Open
Signup Close Date: TBD
Draft Date: TBD
Start Date: TBD
End Date: TBD

2. Game Times
Match nights will be: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Match start times: 9:00 and 10:15 est

3. Draft
3.1 First pick for round #1 will go from the lowest valued Captain to the highest valued Captain. Each subsequent round, the captain with the lowest cummulative dollar value of his team will pick first.

3.2 All Captains must submit their own Ranking list, in the event that he/she can't make the draft, this list will be used as a rough guide for admins to pick your team. If you do not submit a list, then the highest salary player available in the list will be selected to your team.

3.3 Draft will be held in #fffl ATM the draft will be done vocally in the FOCR TS channel.

3.4 Each Captain gets 3 minutes to make each of their picks.

3.5 If a Captain has not picked at the end of 3 minutes, the admins will assign them the highest salary player available in the list.

3.6 Each Captain gets 2 timeouts for the draft. Each timeout is 1 minute. They can be used at different times, or in conjunction to create a 2 minute timeout.

4. Trades
4.1 1 trade per week will be allowed.
4.2 No trades are allowed after night 5 of the regular season.
4.3 Trades must be approved by the admin team.

5. Server Settings
125 Game Speed
100% Air Control
Power Ups = ON
Redeemer = ON
Time Limit = 15
Cap Limit = 5 (Cap limit of 7 during Playoffs)

6. Servers

7. TeamSpeak
Team Speak is mandatory. You at least need to come listen to your teammates telling you where the EFC went, if you have a mic even better! Download it here:

{FOCR} TeamSpeak =

8. IRC Channels to find players/admins
IRC Server:

9. Point System
9.1 All three maps will be played regardless of who wins the first two. The Blue/Cyan colored team name in the Schedule (coming soon), gets Team Color choice for maps 1 and 3.
- 3 Points for map win.
- 1 Point for map loss.
- 0 Points for a map forfeit loss.

Night 1: TBD, TBD, TBD
Night 2: TBD, TBD, TBD
Night 3: TBD, TBD, TBD
Night 4: TBD, TBD, TBD
Night 5: TBD, TBD, TBD
Night 6: TBD, TBD, TBD
Night 7: TBD, TBD, TBD

10. Legal Tactics
10.1 Piston Jumping with or without Boots on
10.2 Team Boosting with Shock Rifle Primary only
10.3 Flag Dropping through anything that you can throw your translocator through.

11. Illegal Tactics (result = Forfeit)
11.1 Leaving your translocator underneath a lift/elevator
11.2 Piston Portal Camping
11.3 Frogjumping / Bunny Hops
11.4 Boosting team mates with any means other then shock primary (unless the team who performed the illegal boost drops the flag and allows it to be returned).

Please Note: In order to file a dispute, you must have a demo of the incident in question.

How do you take a demo?
- Hit your tilda key: ~ i.e. bring up your console.
- Before the map starts, type something similar to this:
demorec night1-map1

11.5 0 pts will be awarded to both teams, if neither shows up, or if both teams have less than 3 players within 10 minutes of the posted start time. If one team (4 or more people) shows up they get 3 pts for map 1 for being clicked in for 10 minutes and team B hasn't showed up. If they stay clicked for 5 more minutes, they get 3 pts for map 2, and if they stay clicked for another 5 minutes they get 3 pts for map 3.

Please Note: Teams have 5 minutes in between each map, in order to get their team in and clicked, or else they forefeit that map. Time restraints will be strictly enforced.

Please Note: If one team shows up with 3 players, the team with 5 must play only 3 people.

12. Player Dropping
12.1 If one or more players should happen to disconnect during a map (loss of internet connection, etc.) a player on the other team (of equal skill) must sit. Autopause will be installed in the servers to inform the teams that someone has dropped. Autopause is set for 5 seconds. Every attempt to keep teams balanced should be considered, but remember, this is a gesture of courtesy by the other team. If the server should happen to crash the match will be restarted with the amount of time that was remaining in the map when the server crashed.

13. Playoffs
13.1 During Playoffs a higher seeded team will play lowest seeded team. The exact order will be declared once the number of teams have been decided.
13.2 Playoffs will be a best of three (3) maps with each team choosing one (1) map from the entire regular season maplist.
13.3 A team can not choose the same map more then once in the playoffs.
13.4 Should a tiebreaker be required, they will play the first map on the tiebreaker list that was not chosen by either team.
13.5 The higher seeded team will choose if they want to play their team's map first, or the other team's map pick first. The higher seeded team will also have team color choice for their map choice, and the tie breaker.
13.6 In the event that two teams have the same amount of points after the regular season, the team with the lower salary will be named as the Higher Seeded team.
13.7 All players on a roster must play in each round of the playoffs. The playoffs are not just for the top tier players on your team. This is not optional. Having someone fake afk in order to avoid this will result in a forfeit of the match and a ban for the offending player and captain for the following season.

Playoffs Round #1
Team1 Map Pick
Team2 Map Pick
TB1: Map TBD
TB2: Map TBD
TB3: Map TBD

Playoffs Round #2
Team1 Map Pick
Team2 Map Pick
TB1: Map TBD
TB2: Map TBD
TB3: Map TBD

Championship Match
Team1 Map Pick
Team2 Map Pick
TB1: Map TBD
TB2: Map TBD
TB3: Map TBD

14. Bannable offenses
Of course if anyone is caught doing any of the below, not only will they be banned but their team will lose the map by forefit.
14.1 All hacks, bots, radars, and cheats are illegal. This includes any kind of automated aiming bot, a trigger-bot, any form of radar, timers, and anything in that same vein or spirit.
14.2 Exploiting game bugs such as, but not limited to, the armor bug, or any bugs which may allow you to translocate and retain the flag or teleport the flag across large distances.
14.3 Excessive cursing or making any derogatory remarks directed at your team mates in TS during game play. This is for fun, please try to remember that in the heat of the moment and bite your tongue.
14.4 Subbing by players not on the roster or not in the league.
14.5 Wave binds.

Please Note: Teams must present the admins with a demo, in order to make any claims of wrong doing.

15. Admins

16. Catch All
Admins hold the right to add or alter rules in any way at any time as they see fit.

17. Credits
- Thanks to the great admin staff over at MLUT for creating great rules over there, we copied/pasted some of them here.
- Thanks to Epic, TeamSpeak, IRC, and the Internet
- Most importantly thanks to all the players in the community for your time and support, you all make fraggin' fun!

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